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About Svajunas

Born in 1951 June 20th.  In 1978 graduated from the Vilnius State Art Institute (now the Vilnius Academy of Arts). He has been participating in art exhibitions since 1978. Since 1986 - Member of the Union of Lithuanian Artists.

One of the founders of the group of artists "Individualists". The painter actively organizes plein airs, exhibitions, symposia.

The artist's work was exhibited in galleries and museums in Athens, Ajaccio, Ankara, Bari, Berlin, Brussels, Yalta, Kiev, Lublin, London, Moscow, Munich, Nur Sultan, Olsztyn, Paris, Beijing, Petersburg, Rome, Warsaw, Tokyo.


The Svajunas artworks are stored in the Lithuanian National Art Museum, and are exhibited in public interiors and private collections.

The painter has participated in more than 30 personal and more than 50 group exhibitions.

About Svajunas' artworks

Svajunas' painting creatively expands the Lithuanian expressionist art tradition, the origins of which are based on the French Ecole de Paris painting school. His painting has many fans not only in Lithuania, but is loved and understood by European art connoisseurs. The dominance of the female theme in Svajunas' work manifests itself directly and indirectly, influences the emotional background of his works, stimulates the imagination to create new images and interpret themes. Almost all the mythical creatures he created are of female origin, it is clear that the theme of Venus influenced the creation of the mythological cycle.


"I combine the nostalgia of the mythical era with today's worldliness,

I do not shy away from provocative plots and sharp edges of characters."


Svajunas is interested in people's relationships, their inner world. The painter keeps coming back to beautiful women, elegant swans, easy-stepping panthers, loving cats, ornate peacocks. With his unique artistic expression, Svajunas conveys a personal approach to a woman's inner world and its transformation.

In his work, he relies on impressions of nature, nature studies, and at the same time freely improvises on the themes of history, the legacy of world art, and mythology. Narrative is important in his paintings,
the plot, but the specific problems of the language of painting - color culture, mastery of composition, elegant drawing - are primarily relevant for the painter. The artist has an excellent color hearing.
Actively participating in international plein airs, he sensitively conveys the characteristic color of the landscape of the Mediterranean, Black or Baltic coasts.


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